Energy Talks and Community Outreach

Energy Talks are currently on hold, join us for RECESS!

Join us for our new seminar series RECESS. Our next talk is on Friday, November 3, 2023.

Previous Energy Talks

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Membrane Processes at The Water-Energy Nexus: Does Energy Efficiency Imply Optimal Cost?

Vicky Karanikola, PhD
Asst. Prof., Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Using Renewable Energy for Greener Food Production Systems

Jose Luis Ruiz Duarte, PhD Cand.
Systems & Industrial Engineering

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Fully Relying on Solar Energy to Meet Every Day, Year-Round Energy Demands. A Study of How to Achieve It

Peiwen "Perry" Li, PhD
Department Head, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

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Climate-Positive Buildings: What's Next?

Jonathan Bean, PhD
Asst. Prof. of Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments, and Marketing, CAPLA

Advancing Equity in Tucson With Net-Zero SunBlock Neighborhoods

Tim Kilpatrick & Alec Kelly-Jones
Master's of Architecture students

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Printing Our Energy Future: Sunlight Into Electricity and Fuel

Erin Ratcliff, PhD
Asst. Prof. of Materials Science and Engineering
Director, Laboratory for Interface Science of Printable Electric Materials  

Big Machines and Big Science: Peering into the Atomic World of the Next Solar Cells

James Stanfill, PhD Cand.
Chemistry & Biochemistry

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Bekah Waller giving an Energy Talk with a presentation projected behind her

Quantum What? The Next Revolution in Electronics

Oliver Monti, PhD
Asst. Prof., College of Science

Energizing Controlled Environment Agriculture

Rebekah Waller, MS Cand.

Ashton Leo giving an Energy Talk from a stage with a presentation projected next to him

The Exciting History of Photovoltaics

Neal R. Armstrong, PhD
IES Interim Director Associate Vice President
Research Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Professor, Optical Sciences

Microbial Adaptations for Arid Regions and Middle Schoolers 

Ashton LeoMS Cand.

Andrea Achilli headshot

The Science of Low Energy Water Purification

Andrea Achilli, PhD, PE
Asst. Prof., Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Water and Energy Sustainable Technology Center, The Science of Low Energy Water Purification

Finding New Fuels Using Math

Spencer Lunderman, PhD Cand.
Applied Mathematic

A view of the audience attending Greg Barron-Gafford's Energy Talk

Solar Energy + Agriculture: Co-Locating for a Sustainable Future

Greg Barron-Gafford, PhD
Asst. Prof. in School of Geography and Development, and Biosphere 2

Solar Energy Forecasting: Two Sources Are Better Than One

Travis Harty, PhD Cand.
Applied Mathematics

Blase Evancho giving an Energy Talk with an audience watching

Guayule Fuels the Future

Blase Evancho, PhD Cand.
The School of Plant Science

Liliana Ruiz Diaz giving an Energy Talk with a presentation projected behind her

Super Concentrating Solar Cells

Liliana Ruiz Diaz, PhD Cand.
College of Optical Sciences