Printable Electronics Graduate Student Fellowship

Overview and Benefits 

We are now accepting applications for the second cohort of graduate student fellows in printable electronic materials, interfaces, and devices.

The Graduate Student Fellowship in Printable Electronics will:

  • Connect students directly with University of Arizona faculty, national laboratory scientists and administrators, and our industry partners to produce cutting-edge research;
  • Develop outreach demonstrations and lab course-based content for printable electronics, including solar cells, light emitting diodes, and transistors;
  • Acquire valuable experience in serving as a mentor for undergraduate students interested in graduate school; and
  • Receive professional development and training to become a scientific leader on campus and in the international research community

Award Amount

This competitive process offers the opportunity for two paid fellows, paying a stipend for one semester (+ tuition) and summer. Participating in activities is not contingent on selection for funding and students not selected for the fellowship this year are eligible to reapply next year.

Important Dates

Application due on March 28, 2022

Decision date on or about April 1, 2022


Required background and experience

  • Must be a University of Arizona student pursuing a PhD
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident

Preferred background and experience

  • Background in printable electronics, solar cells, microelectronics, optics, or photonics
  • Experience with instrument programming and automated data collection using LabView
  • Strong interest in pursuing a scientific career at national laboratories (both Department of Defense and Department of Energy)
  • Demonstrated background in teaching and/or outreach
  • Have completed at least one year of graduate study

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Contribute new content to a week-long printable electronics boot camp to train undergraduate students and lead the one week boot camp experience
  • Be co-mentored by a national laboratory research scientist on a portion of Ph.D. research project
  • Develop and submit an application for an internship at a national laboratory
    • All members of the first cohort were successful in securing Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program support, which includes additional stipends above the Graduate Student Fellowship in Printable Electronics at UArizona
  • Service as an ambassador to undergraduate students interested in STEM graduate school and careers at national laboratories

Required Documentation

  • First, Last, Email
  • Academic Department(s)
  • Anticipated graduation year?
  • Reference name(s) and contact information (references will be contacted for finalists only)
  • CV
  • Up to 1000 word essay containing the following:
    • Describe why you are interested in this program 
    • Short research summary of PhD project
    • Short description of outreach/teaching experience
    • Self description of interest in career at a national laboratory

To complete the application, please fill out the application form with the information above and a PDF file of your CV and essay.