Oliver Monti

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Professor, Department of Physics

Oliver Monti has an undergraduate degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerland (1997) and a DPhil from the University of Oxford, UK (2001). After a postdoctoral stay at JILA in Boulder, CO he joined the department of Chemistry in 2004. At Arizona, he developed an experimental research program to understand how new classes of materials such as organic semiconductors or two-dimensional materials might be used in next-generation renewable energy technologies such as solar cells or thermoelectric devices. Of particular interest is the role of interfaces between these materials and contacts or electrodes in charge harvesting and injection into a device. This may critically determine device function and efficiency. He combines lab-based research approaches that span from 10-18 s to 10-3 s and single molecules to thin films, and complements these studies with research at a variety of national research facilities.