Welcome to the Institute for Energy Solutions

The Institute for Energy Solutions (IES) organizes energy knowledge, cross-disciplinary groups, and seed funding where possible to facilitate and innovate new UA research, training, and outreach initiatives targeting energy.

IES is now an integrated program within Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR), allowing for the creation of new opportunities, funding, and larger initiatives as we navigate the future of energy in Arizona and beyond. IES is positioned to support the AIR mission and develops strengths and partnerships in the following ways:

  • Addressing new and emerging basic science needs
  • Developing transformative technologies at the energy/water/food nexus
  • Proposing and implementing equitable solutions that reach under-served populations on a regional scale
  • Driving innovation in energy and buildings

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Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR) and the Institute for Energy Solutions (IES) at the University of Arizona sits on the ancestral homelands of the Tohono O’odham and Pascua Yaqui/Yoeme people, whose relationships with this land continue to this day. We offer gratitude to the land and the people who have stewarded it for generations, and commit to sustaining relationships that recognize and acknowledge the people, cultures, and histories that make up our community.