Arizona Energy Policy Initiative

Man speaking in front of a water filtration station



It is important to have research-based understandings of the societal and economic impacts of innovative science and technologies, especially in relationship to under-served populations. Energy policy research being done at the University of Arizona works to support the development of unbiased policy recommendations for energy issues and outreach. This research is part of a cross-university effort addressing some of the most critical issues of our time involving the production and use of energy, and how these activities impact the environment, society, and human well-being. This research supports policy research and publication development, student activities and involvement in research fellowships, and develops opportunities for increased interdisciplinary activities related to the energy-water-food nexus.


Dr. Stanley Reynolds
Eller Professor of Economics, Department of Economics

Vice Dean of Faculty and Research, Eller College of Management

Dr. Derek Lemoine
Associate Professor, Department of Economics

Dr. George Frisvold
Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resource Economics

Dr. Ashley Langer
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Kirsten Engel
Charles E. Ares Professor of Law
Co-Director, Environmental Law Program

Dr. Laura Bakkensen
Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy

Dr. Elizabeth Baldwin
Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy

Dr. Adam Douglas Henry
Associate Professor, School of Government and Public Policy