Graduate Student Summer Fellowship

IES is not currently accepting summer fellowship applications.

What is the IES Graduate Summer Fellowship?

The Institute for Energy Solutions Summer Fellowship Program provides graduate students with the opportunity to work in research laboratories, private industry, government agencies and NGO's on renewable energy-water related research and projects.  This is the perfect opportunity for students to work outside of their current research lab and work in a setting that will enrich their studies.  Students who are awarded fellowships are encouraged to present their experiences and the results of their summer research at the IES Fellowship Fall Symposium, annual Arizona Student Energy Conference (AzSEC), and other IES events.

Up to five fellowships in the amount of $5,000 will be awarded to outstanding UA graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to renewable energy science, technology, economics, business, policy or other related research that sits at the energy-water nexus.

Who can apply?

The Summer Fellowship is open to UA Masters or Ph.D. candidates who have completed one year of graduate school.  Students are eligible to apply at the start of their second semester.

  • Previous awardees cannot reapply. 
  • Funding cannot be applied to work in your current lab over the summer. 
  • Stipulations on international travel: you must be able to show that the work being done at the fellowship site will benefit the state of Arizona, its workforce, or similar.

Application Requirements

  • 1-2 page research statement written by the graduate student applicant.  Please specify how this fellowship experience will advance your studies and professional development.
  • Current CV
  • Letter of recommendation from UA Faculty Advisor
  • Letter from sponsoring organization (this is the site/lab/company where you will be conducting research for the summer)