Transforming Buildings & Energy Workshop

Call for Participation

The present and future of renewable energy are creating new potentials for buildings. Opportunities to reduce energy use and carbon emissions often bump up against an inconvenient fact: electric energy must be used the moment it is produced. Storage can be costly and difficult to scale. Buildings offer a practical way to manage the mismatch between demand and supply — making buildings a key route to decarbonization.

Speeding this progress will require equipping a workforce with skills from existing professional and academic fields including engineering, architecture, policy, and management. Other perspectives are needed, too, to illuminate new possibilities.

The Institute for Energy Solutions is hosting a one-day workshop to identify components for a new, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on Buildings & Energy and other ways institutions can support research with the goal of more rapidly advancing decarbonization in the building sector. The day-long workshop will be held in person at The University of Arizona's D.C. Center for Outreach & Collaboration, conveniently located on Pennsylvania Ave. 

More information forthcoming.